All you need to know about uploading files to the Beey editor. 

For the recording to be good, make sure to record in an environment with as little background noise as possible. Speak up close to the recording device or microphone, but do not shout. If you plan on recording on your mobile phone, for example, talk straight into the phone as if making a phone call.

We recommend using a lavalier microphone (“clip mic”) or specialized podcast equipment. For recording in conference rooms, use high-quality conference systems.

If you need help choosing a recording device, feel free to contact our customer service.

If you can choose in what format or quality the recording will be saved, choose MP3 or WAV format. You may also use AAC (mp4 audio), VORBIS or OPUS.

The optimal sampling frequency is 16kHz. If you set a higher frequency, the result will not improve much, but your recording will be unnecessarily large. The second key parameter is the so-called bitrate. Set it to the highest value, at least 128 kbps.

Your recording will usually be stereophonic, that is, one track for the left and the other for the right sound channel. However, it should be noted that voice recognition is always monaural, meaning that both channels are merged into one before recognition occurs. If you can choose the recording mode, choose mono.

Note: MP3 files may contain a number of specific properties, such as embedded images, etc. These do not affect the quality of the transcription, but they can cause processing problems. Therefore, we do not recommend saving any additional information to the files.

Beey works with most video formats. However, with some non-standard formats, errors may occur during processing or while exporting subtitles, for example.

Note: With video and audio files, it is not possible to rely on the extension of the files, as with text documents or pictures.

We recommend using MP4 files. In some cases it will be necessary to save the file in the correct format before uploading it to Beey.

A more detailed description of the correct video format: MP4 container (file), MP3 or AAC audio track, H.264 video codec, faststart format with fragmented MP4 content. Video and audio files should have a constant FRAMErate and BITrate.

If you encounter problems with your file, please contact our customer support.

The quickest and easiest way to find out if your video is in the correct format is to play it in Google Chrome. All you have to do is drag and drop your file into the browser window or onto the browser icon on your desktop.

If the file starts playing, it is in the correct format and Beey should process it without any problems.

The Beey editor guarantees trouble-free processing of recordings up to two hours long. You can upload longer recordings if you need to, but bear in mind that the application may run slower and problems may occur while editing.

If you need to process a longer recording, we recommend dividing it into smaller segments before uploading it to Beey.

In case of any doubts contact our customer support:

email: podpora@newtontech.cz

tel: (+420) 225 540 120

The hotline is available on weekdays from 8am to 5pm.