Why caption videos?

Reach a wider audience

Captions will make your content more accessible for over half a million deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers.​

Get more views

Viewers using mobile devices will appreciate captions not only in situations where they can't turn on the sound.

Improve your karma

Show that you care about your audience. Audiovisual content should be accessible to everyone.

Why are captions important?

The Czech Republic is home to over half a million people with hearing disabilities. 
Without captions, most of the internet’s video content is inaccessible for them.

Not convinced? See for yourself in the video below.

captioning is required by law

Starting from September 23rd 2020, all public sector entities are required to provide subtitles for all video and audio content on their websites. As of this date, the relevant part of the new Act On Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications (No. 99/2019 Coll.) enters into force. 

WHO does the law apply to?

  • All state and local government bodies, ministries, state enterprises and institutions; organizations established, founded or funded by the state; statutory cities, city districts and regions; universities and schools

WHAT does the law stipulate?

  • The obligation to make audiovisual content accessible on websites = the obligation to caption videos and audio files, or to provide another way of communicating the content 

A solution in the form of automatic captioning

We offer a solution in the form of BEEY, an automatic captioning app, which will save your time and money.

Only 2.50 CZK per minute

The cost of captioning is low thanks to our automatic speech recognition software.

Fast editing

The Beey editor offers an interface for proofreading the captions in a matter of minutes

Instant publishing

Immediately after proofreading, the video and captions are ready for online publication.

Try Beey free of charge

By filling out this form you will create a user’s account in the application. You can try Beey for free and unsubscribe at any time. You have 30 minutes of credit available free of charge. You can top up your credit anytime directly in the application.